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Kathleen Winterberg

Dear Dr. Brian, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire MUA Team.  Ater my accident, I wondered if I would ever feel normal again. I was very apprehensive going into the MUA process, but thanks to Team MUA and the unprecedented care I received at the outpatient center I was able to accept all the MUA procedure could do for me.

The MUA procedure was a very powerful tool used to assist me in the healing process. This was a team effort. To be fair, I know that the follow-up care played an extremely important role in the success for me. The following Monday morning, I went to Suncoast Total Healthcare and was warmly received by the post-MUA team. Mike gently stretched me and reinforced all the moves performed during the procedure. Pete’s massages worked to relieve the bunched up muscles.

I have repeatedly told other patients that the success of the MUA procedure is a collaborative effort. It took the talent and dedication of Team MUA as well as my own determination to heal and get control of my body. My use of pain medication has almost been eliminated. Thank you again to Team MUA and Suncoast Total Healthcare for giving me my life back.
Sincerely, - Kathleen Winterberg

Kathleen Winterberg

Crystal Simmers

I can’t thank Dr. Brian, Dr. David Wolstein and their whole team at Team MUA enough. They gave me and my two boys something I thought we’d never have again. To me, it is my life and, to my boys, they gave them back their old mom. Before the MUA, I couldn’t even hold their legs crossing the monkey bars.

Thank you so much Dr. Brian Wolstein! I should have listened 5 months ago (when you were doing them in Disney, haha) but the truth is, I was losing or lost hope. I didn’t think I’d ever be back to my old self again and, at 25, with two very active boys (who are my life), it was taking its toll, not only on a very painful physical level but also emotionally.

On November 17, 2008, my life changed dramatically. A Ford F550, carrying a trailer full of dirt, rear-ended me going about 50 MPH. The next day, I could barely move; everything ached. The worst was this stabbing pain in my mid back, uncontrollable muscle spasms, my left toes were totally numb, I had a neck ache that was making my head throb, and blurry vision that came and went without warning. My pain level at that time was a 10 on a 1-10 scale.

After the x-rays and MRIs, I found out I have four bulging discs and a posterior annular tear in my cervical spine. Two bulging discs and a posterior annular tear in my thoracic area and another two discs that are bulging in the lumbar area.

I’ve been in treatment now for over a year and tried everything I heard about. All I’ve wanted is to get my pain levels down, feel like a healthy 25-year-old and be able to do the things with my boys that I used to do. I did all the basic treatments, used for recovery after an accident, a few times a week. I did electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot packs, therapeutic massage therapy, physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments; all of which helped and brought my pain levels down to about a 4 but, as soon as I returned to my home and started my daily activities, my pain would be right back up to a 6-8 (and that was with medication). If I was lucky, the relief would last till the next morning.

I was referred to one of the best spine specialists who thought injections would help. So, I had epidural steroid injections and facet block injections in my cervical spine as well as the facet block injections in my thoracic spine. My pain level did not change. In fact, I was very sick for about a week after, like my body was rejecting the medications injected. After that, I had a very painful procedure, called a myelogram, to determine whether surgery would help. The results showed the injuries were getting worse but that it would be best for me to wait for surgery.

When I went back to see Dr. Brian, he told me once again about the MUA and I decided to sign up for the next month’s procedures. It was a 3-day procedure followed by a 4-6 week routine that I didn’t think I had time for but knew I needed to make the time for. So I did! I had the MUA and, by the second week of going in 4-5 days a week, I practically begged to stay on for the whole six weeks. I just felt so great!

I finished my 6 weeks about a month ago and now I work out on a daily basis and go in twice a week to get adjustments and my pain level rarely goes above a 3. I had to write this testimonial to let anyone who’s lost hope or given up know there is a procedure out there that really works! I feel like the healthy 25-year-old that I am and I can do all the things I thought I’d never be able to do again. I have not only my health back, but also my hope. Not just for me but also for others I see who are going through the same thing.

My boys and I will be forever grateful! I thank you with all of my heart! -Crystal Simmers, 25

Crystal Simmers, 25

Marcie Walter

I am a 52-year-old mother of 3, who has always been active, energetic and, in general, a happy person. For the past two years I have battled crippling back pain. It was not caused by a specific event, just my back occasionally going out and one time never getting better. I do have a couple herniated disks and degenerative disk disease but, surprisingly, many people have this and are not in constant pain.
I started seeing an orthopedic doctor and had physical therapy. When that was unsuccessful, I had multiple epidural steroid injections. I also began to take pain pills. After a year of this, I tried acupuncture, which gave me some relief but was short lived. I was taking enough pain killers that I was required to see a pain management doctor. I had two more epidural steroid injections with this doctor in a different part of my back, also unsuccessful. I joined a gym and started swimming, which was great while I was in the water, but did not have lasting effects. I had hesitated to see a chiropractor because I was in so much pain that I felt like I could not be adjusted or touched for that matter. I began to get additional symptoms beyond the constant sharp pain in my lower back and the difficulty walking. The new problems were tingling and numbness in one leg. With these problems, I tried a chiropractor. I had immediate relief from the numbness and tingling but continued to have my original problems. By now I was taking large amounts of pain pills daily. I saw a neurosurgeon but was not a surgical candidate.

I saw an ad for a non-invasive procedure called an MUA, Manipulation Under Anesthesia. I watched videos and read everything I could find on it. I decided to give it a try more out of desperation than confidence that it would work.

After seeing an advertisement on TV for MUAs, I called various chiropractors in my area trying to get information but all I got was an appointment. When I contacted TEAM MUA, I was told that Dr. Wolstein would call me back and, to my surprise, I was called back in less than 30 minutes. Dr. Wolstein briefly explained the procedure over the phone and an appointment was made. I met with multiple doctors, since it is a "team effort" and immediately felt comfortable and confident in them. They explained the procedure and answered all my questions. It was my confidence in them that pushed me to have my MUA with TEAM MUA since at that point I still did not know if it would improve my back.

The 3-day procedure was easy. I just showed up and they took it from there. I had been so limited in movement because of this pain that I was very sore after each day and it took a couple weeks to heal from that. I followed doctor’s orders and came in 2-3 times a week for stretching, light exercise, massage and adjustment. I went back and forth for several weeks feeling good one day and not as good the next. Then, at about 8 weeks post-surgery, I started to consistently feel better. My pain pill intake was cut in half and in general I felt like I was getting my life back. Prior to my MUA my pain level was a 10 on a daily basis, now it is a 3.

TEAM MUA makes you feel comfortable at every level of service from your initial consult, your days of surgery and every day after. I have been pampered by the staff which makes my rehab easy and fun. There are various offices around the area so you are not limited by location.

I realize that different things work for different people and an MUA is what worked for me. After two years of constant pain, this is a huge breakthrough. I maintain by daily stretching and I try to exercise a few days a week. I will always have some back pain but it is no longer debilitating. The beauty of an MUA is there is nothing that can hurt you in the procedure and so much that can help. I highly recommend TEAM MUA to anyone with back problems looking to gain back their health and happiness.

Marcie Walter, 52

Louis Zarraluqui

The constant pain went all the way down to my pinky and all the way up to the top of my head. I’m almost totally free of pain and I have so much energy…a new lease on life .-Louis Zarraluqui, 39

Louis Zarraluqui, 39

Vicky Anderson

My life for the past 15 years has been plagued with severe pain from degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. Since MUA, I can turn my head and even touch my toes. Dr. Brian and the miracle of MUA gave me my life back. -Vicky Anderson, 47

Vicky Anderson, 47

Sandra & Scott


The lower back and shoulder pain were so severe I couldn’t drive my truck to make a living. After the MUA, it was all I could do not to run through the yard at work." -Sandra Scott, 61

Sandra & Scott, 61

Robert Severino

I had rheumatoid arthritis since my early twenties, exacerbated by years on my knees doing custom flooring. MUA got rid of the constant pain I was experiencing. -Robert Severino, 41

Robert Severino, 41