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Manipulation Under Anesthesia Risks

MUA has been around since 1938 when it was brought to the United  States from Great Britain.  Even back in the early days of MUA, there was a high rate of success with minimal risk.   Today, 85 to 90% of all patients that get an MUA  have significant results that last long term. When your selected as a patient for the MUA procedure, your doctor will complete a comprehensive examination specific to the areas that will be treated with the MUA procedure.  You will undergo a medical clearance for the MUA procedure and anesthesia.  on the day of the procedure, a follow-up evaluation will be performed  by the anesthesiologist and the medical team at the surgical center.  You will be asked to sign an informed consent that will insure your understanding of the procedure and that all of your questions have been answered.  The anesthesia that is used is Monitored Anesthesia Care  or MAC for short, and is very gentle and allows for patient self preservation.